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RC Aeroplanes

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RC sports have really caught on as a hobby and have managed to capture the attention of people from every corner of the globe. There is no particular age group associated with the hobby. People of age 40 seem to indulge in RC sports with as much enthusiasm as a 14 year old. Initially this started out as RC car racing but quickly developed into numerous different vehicle types such as RC Aeroplanes, RC boats, RC motorcycles, RC helicopters and even RC tanks. With such a versatile class of vehicle fleet at hand, it seems almost impossible for people to be content at just racing.

This is why racing RC hobby has sprouted to become a host of different sports associated with RC vehicles. RC Aeroplanes are among all the most famous types of RC sports. They are raced, perform aerobic stunts, try to outlast each other and in some extreme cases are lined with paint ball guns that help to simulate a shooting environment. In order to design efficient RC Aeroplanes some of the parts need more attention than others.

Choice of Engine

Engines available are of two types. The first one is electric and is used in small scale airplanes. This is because of the fact that electric motors start getting massive when the torque requirements increase. This make the plane heavier than it should be according to the thrust generated by the motor. For large scale air craft’s, fuel based engines are used. They use gas and generate more than enough torque required for the flight.

Choice of Servo Motors

Servo motors in RC Aeroplanes are used to control the rudder and thus the handling of the aircraft. A better servo motor means a faster response time, a better handling and increased durability. There are mainly two choices of servo motors to choose from. The first is the analog servo motor. It is cheap, reasonably fast and is easily available from any store; however, if you are looking to build the next F20, then analog motors are definitely not advised.

Digital servo motors are meant for RC pilots who want only the best in their RC Aeroplanes. These servo motors are faster and stronger than their analog counterpart while being almost 3 times lighter for the same torque.   

Choice of Speed Control

Speed control dictates the speed range of the aircraft and gives a rough idea about the calibration. This means that a finer speed control gives the plane the ability to fly at varied levels of altitude. In addition to this, acceleration improves vastly when a good speed controller is chosen.

A careful choice of components is needed to build an efficient airplane. A slight slack in the choice of the components may be enough to send the plane spiraling towards the ground.